Job: Can You Move To The U.S. With or Without A Job?

If you want to move to the United States permanently, you should take the time to do some careful research and planning. You certainly do not want to make any wrong moves that may have long-term consequences on your eventual successful move. If the option of immigrating with a job is not open to you, you must consider different visa alternatives.

What are the permanent work visa categories?
Visas EB-2 and EB-3 are the permanent work visa categories that require a job offer from an employer that will serve as a potential immigrant’s sponsor. For example, suppose you have a job offer from an employer that can sponsor you and have the required educational degree, work experience, and skills. In that case, you may be eligible to obtain a permanent job in the United States. When an employer must sponsor a worker, they must file with USCIS a non-immigrant or an immigrant petition on behalf of the individual intending to come to the United States either for temporary or permanent employment.
What visas allow you to move to the U.S. without a job?

Investor Visa or EB-5 Visa
An Investor or EB-5 visa is available to international entrepreneurs who can invest at least $500,000. This visa has the advantage that it offers a path to a Green card. If you hope to qualify for this visa, you must invest in the United States economy and generate jobs for American workers. Unlike other work visas, this one does not require a job offer. On the contrary, you are required to create jobs for others.

Extraordinary Expertise or EB-1A Visa
The EB-1A visa is available to individuals with exceptional expertise in the sciences, education, athletics, the arts, or business. It also applies to multinational managers or executives. To qualify for it, you must demonstrate that you are at the top of your field, even if you do not have a job offer, before initiating the application process. You can demonstrate this exceptional ability through your awards, publications, medals, business portfolio, or reference letters. If you feel you qualify for this visa, you must be exceptional.

An immigration attorney is essential when applying for a Visa.
As stated above, the immigration process requires much research and preparation. Starting with the decision on what visa to apply for, immigration is a complicated and lengthy process. It includes putting together the required paperwork, completing the right forms, and knowing where and when to file. With so many specific and timely requirements to keep in mind, it’s highly recommended to have the help of a legal expert to achieve a successful application.

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