European Union Internship For Graduates in 2022

European Union Internship

The European Union (EU) is a unique political and economic partnership of 27 democratic member states. It offers internship opportunities for students and young professionals to learn about the EU’s work and gain experience in its institutions. An internship at the EU can be extremely rewarding. You will have the opportunity to learn about the EU’s institutions and policies and work with dedicated professionals committed to making the EU work better for its citizens.

The EU offers a variety of internships in a wide range of fields, from law to marketing to engineering. Interning at the EU can be a great way to learn about the inner workings of this complex organisation. You will gain invaluable experience and networking opportunities and may even be able to work on important projects that affect millions of people.

About European Union

The European Union (EU) is an economic and political union of 28 member states. It has an area of 4,314,476 km² (1,669,807 sq mi) and an estimated population of over 510 million. The EU has developed a single internal market through a standardised law system that applies to all member states. The Maastricht Treaty established the European Union in 1993 and introduced European citizenship.

The Treaty of Lisbon, which came into force in 2009, amended the Maastricht Treaty to include a reference to the euro. The EU has since become the world’s largest economy and its second-most populous region after Asia. The EU is based on democracy, human rights, and the law. These values are enshrined in the Charter of Fundamental Rights, which sets out the rights and freedoms to that all EU citizens are entitled.

The EU also promotes sustainable development and aims to reduce poverty and social exclusion.


  • Organization Name: European Union
  • Location: Brussels, Belgium
  • Education: Bachelor
  • Status: Fully Funded


Internships with the EU offer several benefits, including

  1. A unique opportunity to gain professional experience in various EU institutions
  2. The chance to learn about the EU from first-hand experience.
  3. The opportunity to network with other interns and professionals working in the EU
  4. A stipend to help cover living expenses


Seekers should have a bachelor’s degree from a registered institution. Their age should be less than 25. Candidates must know English as a language. Applicants should be a citizen of a UN member country.


You can apply online on the official website.

Official Website

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