Apply for Bachelor of Health Care, Biomedical Laboratory Science Scholarships without IELTS

Apply for Bachelor of Health Care, Biomedical Laboratory Science Scholarships without IELTS. The Degree Programme Bachelor of Health Care, Biomedical Laboratory Science educates experts in clinical laboratory work. The studies are based on biomedical laboratory science supported by knowledge in biomedical sciences. The work includes collecting specimens, performing diagnostic testing, and performing near-patient examinations in the patient’s presence. Professional communication and quality control are key topics during the studies and work in the clinical laboratory. Laboratory test results yield information for detecting, diagnosing, monitoring, or treating disease. A Biomedical Laboratory Scientist works both independently and as part of a team. In the work, initiative and accuracy are valued.

Degree: Bachelor of Health Care
Field of study: Health and Welfare
Extent: 3,5 years 210 credits
Location: Vaasa
Application period: 4-18 January 2023

Fee-paying students at Novia UAS can apply for scholarships at Novia UAS. The application for scholarships is open from 1-15 May. Only current students of Novia UAS paying tuition fees are eligible to apply for the scholarships offered. The scholarships are granted retroactively based on the number of credits completed at Novia UAS. The credits must be completed at Novia UAS and be registered in the student register.  Only the completed credits will be considered; no other factors will affect the scholarship.

Criteria for scholarships

  • Your studies should be completed successfully according to your study plan and curriculum and proceed at a normal pace.

All students that have applied for scholarships within the application period and fulfil the criteria mentioned above will be granted scholarships. The scholarship amounts to 50 % of the tuition fee. Also, graduated students paying fees at Novia UAS can apply for the scholarship retroactively.


  • 1) Apply between 1 – 15 May.
  • 2) Wait for the decision from the scholarship committee.
  • 3) Scholarships are granted/paid before 1 September, which is the next tuition fee payment deadline.

 Early bird tuition fee

First-year students who are admitted through the Joint Application for Higher Education and accept their study place within 14 days from the admission notice are entitled to an early bird tuition fee for their first study year, given that the tuition fee is paid no later than 31 May.

Other scholarships

Other scholarships might be available if you are not entitled to student financial aid or scholarships intended for tuition fees paying students at Novia. Here are some possibilities:

Please note that grants and scholarships from Novia UAS are informed to the tax authorities by Novia UAS. Other grants and scholarships over 1000 euros have to be informed to the tax authorities by the student.

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