Visa Types and Requirements in Finland

Finland-visa-image as Finland belongs to European Union, people of the EEA countries do not need a visa to get into the country.

Although the United Kingdom has left the European Economic Areas (EEA), Finland has agreed to proceed with the visa exemption condition for United Kingdom citizens that are made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. However, foreign nationals in the UK require a visa to Finland.

Remember, all foreign immigrants over 12 must complete a biometric (fingerprint) process to check out Finland.

Depending on foreign nationals’ needs, Finland authorities have classified their visa into several types, as mentioned below.

Finland Tourist Visa

As the name shows, Finland traveller visas are released to international nationals preparing to check out the country for tourism-related activities.

Please locate below the required records to acquire a Finland tourist visaWhile sending the photographs, the nations must ensure that it contends at least six months of legitimacy. 

Two recent photographs with a white background are needed for the application. The international national must ensure that they keep a neutral facial expression in the pictures. Applicant for 

Finland tourist visas in the United Kingdom should submit a residence permit as evidence of resident status. The records stand for at least six months after you return from Finland.

The applicant must send the complete variation of the plan. The airline ticket and hotel reservations should be submitted as an application requirement. 

It is necessary to submit an employment letter from a business in the United Kingdom. This letter must guarantee that the traveller will rejoin their work upon completing the journey.

If independent, you can send a business license or tax return.

The tourist should send the confirmation of payment for the hotel reservation. The duplicate of this validated room booking must have the tourist’s name in it, and it should also have the name of the hotel and its address.

The applicant is called to send their last three months’ bank statements as evidence of financial capacity. Please remember that the minimum balance in these bank statements must not be less than ₤ 600. The applicants must likewise see that the issuing bank marks the bank statement.

Insurance coverage needs to submit a minimum insurance coverage of EUR 30,000.

If a minor takes a trip to Finland, they must send the below-mentioned records. It is necessary to send the birth certificate of the traveller. The applicant ought to submit a notarized travel consent from their parents. It is necessary to submit the duplicates of parents’ tickets.

Finland authorities supply numerous and solitary entrance visitor visas to international nationals. The legitimacy of both these visas is three months, and the maximum number of days a traveller can remain inside the country is 90 days.

International nationals taking a trip to Finland should recognise that these visas are solely provided to tourists that see the country for tourist functions.

However, you encounter significant legal consequences if you work in this country without authorisation.

Finland Business Visa

Find below the required papers required to acquire a Finland Business visa. The applicants must submit an international passport within a minimum of six months. 

The international nationals must send two passport-sized photographs with a white background, showing the complete frontal sight of the applicant’s head with the face focused.

The applicant needed to send the visa application’s biometric card or proof of residence status. Please remember that these documents should stand for at least six months after returning from Finland.

The applicant needs to send the complete schedule. Remember that the authorities in Finland will establish the number of entries in your visa based on the plan.

Foreign nationals need to submit proof of hotel room reservations for the applications.

The tourist should send an employment letter released by the company in the United Kingdom. This employment letter ought to specify that the vacationer will join the task back after returning from Finland. 

Self-employed tourists can send proof of organisation license or income tax return. 

You can submit evidence of retired life funds if you are a retired individual.

This company letter must contain everything regarding the journey, including its function and nature. The letter also needs to guarantee sufficient funds for the traveller. 

The applicant should send the financial institution declarations for the last three months. The financial institution statement should provide the full name and address of the applicant and the total balance in these months. Likewise, remember that the minimum balance in your account should be at the very least ₤ 600.

The tourist should send a travelling insurance policy proof. This travel insurance needs to stand throughout the total Schengen Area. The minimal cover for medical emergencies and repatriation needs to be EUR 30,000.

Finland Medical Visa.

Foreign nationals who prepare to go to Finland for treatments and other related treatments can apply for a clinical visa.

International nationals should send all the needed papers required to obtain a tourist visa to get these visas.

International nationals should send all the needed papers required to obtain a medical tourist visa to get these visas.

The applicant will submit a medical report for medical practitioners in the United Kingdom.

It is necessary to submit a medical attestation from a Finland medical facility or medical professional. The medical attestation must verify the consultation’s day and the traveller’s medical problem details.

The applicant should send the payment receipt of the charge paid in the Finland hospital or facility.

The international national should submit proof of funds to sustain themselves while remaining in Finland.

Student Visa

 Foreign nationals must submit the files below and the typical documents needed to obtain a travel visa.

The applicants should submit a registration certificate or study acceptance that allows them to attend the study program in Finland.

The foreign nationals must send the transcript of all previous training and courses they finished in the past, making them eligible to attend the more excellent program in Finland.

The applicants must submit sufficient funds and health insurance certificates to stay in Finland.

The Family Visa 

 To get this visa, you must submit all the files required to get a tourist visa, along with the added files discussed below.

It is necessary to send evidence of Finnish citizenship. The applicant should send the marriage certification if the spouse is checking out. It is likewise required to send the Finland household record publication.

The Finnish embassy website can submit visa applications online, and UK applicants can apply to London.


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