Top 5 Canadian Universities offering Scholarships for International Students 2023

If you are a transnational learner scrutinising to study in one of the world’s good universities but need more money due to expense implications, then search no more as there are fully-financed Scholarship opportunities in leading Canadian Universities for undergraduates fully-financed Scholarship opportunities in leading Canadian Universities for undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

Canada is one of the extensively sought-after study-abroad destinations for learners worldwide and has over 621,656 multinational learners registered in their academies as of 2023. Several motives contribute to these tremendous statistics, one being the agreeable immigration guidelines put in position by the Canadian Government. Despite being a destination of selection for most transnational learners, studying in Canada is relatively expensive as schooling expenditures rose by 7.6% for multinational undergraduates in the 2020-2021 academic year, according to a report by Statistics Canada. The average schooling expense for transnational undergraduate learners was placed at approximately 29,714 Canadian dollars every year, while the average occupancy expenditure was approximately the sum of $10,000. Source: stock photos

Thankfully, several allocation sources can be analysed by transnational learners for their studies in Canada. One such is the lucrative scholarships provided by leading Canadian universities. Through these, learners fully concentrate on their studies without worrying about how to finance them.

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More than eight hundred scholarships are accessible for transnational learners at Canadian universities for the 2023/2024 educational session. Here are the top selections:

Canadian Universities providing Lucrative Scholarships 2023

University of Toronto

 The University of Toronto was established in 1827. It is one of the leading universities with a long history of questioning the inconceivable and transforming community through the originality and decisiveness of its faculty, learners, alums, and contributors. The University is one of the planet’s leading research-intensive establishments, getting leading intellectuals

from every plausible background and profession to work together on the world’s most pressing challenges. The University is home to thousands of transnational learners and provides lucrative scholarship and allotment opportunities. Significant among the scholarships obtainable at the University is Lester B. Pearson International Scholarship.

University of Saskatchewan

Discovered in Saskatchewan, Canada, and established in 1907, the University is a public research establishment categorised among the country’s most satisfactory. The highly-ranked the University provides programs in all spheres of educational ambitions at both the undergraduate and postgraduate statuses. The University provides lucrative scholarships through all its courses – making schooling readily convenient to transnational learners who would ordinarily not be competent to finance their schooling. There are several fully-financed master’s and PhD. Scholarships were obtainable for learners who completed the qualifications standards. A Master’s scholarship at the University is valued at CAD 18,000 annually, while a PhD. Scholarships are valued at the sum of $22,000 each year.

University of Waterloo

The University of Waterloo is categorised among Canada’s leading applicable public research universities, with over 140 international scholarships obtainable for learners throughout the planet. 

Scholarships obtainable at this University are course-distinctive or country-specific awards for undergraduate, master, and PhD learners. These scholarships may be worth up to CAD the sum of 10,000, which may be granted to learners automatically as they have admission into the University. Some of the scholarships comprise:

  • Colonel Hugh Heasley Engineering Scholarships
  • Frank and Janet Hill Scholarship for Women in Math

 University of Alberta

The University is among the leading five Canadian universities and one of the leading 150 in the world, providing more than two hundred undergraduate programs and more than five hundred graduate programs with two hundred and fifty specialisations and three hundred research fields.

The criterion of studying at the University and its prominence over the years continue to entice learners from over one hundred and fifty countries of the world. In addition, the University provides fully sponsored master’s and PhD scholarships for transnational learners who fulfil the choosing standards.

To further attract multinational learners, the University lately caused adjustments to its English expertness prerequisites, which authorise transnational learners with particular standards to apply for scholarships without having to write their IELTS test. In addition, awards amounting to over $34 million in undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships and monetary sponsorship are offered each year to learners. Some of the scholarships comprise:

  • Admission-based scholarships (International Admission Scholarship, Regional Excellence
  • Scholarship, Gold Standard Scholarship).
  • Application-based scholarships (President’s International Distinction Scholarship, International
  • Leader Scholarship, May Quon Undergraduate Scholarship, etc.).
  • Transfer Scholarships.

McGill University

Discovered in Montreal, McGill University rates among Canada’s most prestigious universities, enticing thousands of transnational learners from over one hundred and fifty countries every year and the highest percentage of PhD learners of any Canadian research university. There are several scholarships and learner assistance programs accessible for undergraduate and postgraduate learners to comprise:

  • Frugal Scholar Program
  • Entrance Scholarships
  • McGill Financial Aid
  • Government Aid
  • Work Study program


Aside from the beautiful view of Canada, it is also one of the extensively sought-after study-abroad destinations for learners worldwide and has over 621,656 multinational learners registered in their academics. Numerous motives contribute to these tremendous statistics, one being the agreeable immigration guidelines put in position by the Canadian Government.

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