Top 5 Film Schools in Canada For International Students

Do you dream of becoming a filmmaker, documentary director or scriptwriter? If your answer is yes, then this article is for you. I bet you didn’t know that Ontario, Canada offers world-renowned film programs at top universities and colleges in the best cities. Here’s our list of five popular film schools in Canada.

School number one: Toronto Film School Study downtown in the city we all know and love, Toronto, or as most know it, the six. The Toronto Film School offers students hands-on experience in filming, editing, performing, writing and designing and access to industry professionals and faculty. 

School number two: George Brown College Also located in downtown Toronto, this school is best known for the real-world experiences they offer its students. It translates into valuable experiences to use for your future film career. Many graduates leave with work opportunities already lined up, like the famous Katherine Barrell and Choi Yeo-jin—making this institution a top choice for future filmmakers.

School number three: Sheridan College This institution is highly known as one of the best schools in Canada for animation films like The Incredibles. Not to mention Sheridan College graduates have achieved incredible things, including winning Oscars and Emmys and working at Walt Disney Studios.

School number four: Fanshawe College This institution is one of the only colleges to offer degree programs in film, digital media and television. Did you know that Fanshawe College teaches students from more than 85 countries worldwide each year?

Professors are known for their real-world stories and personal experiences to equip students with unique skills for a dynamic industry. 

School number five: The University of Windsor (U of W) is known for students who love scriptwriting, fiction, documentary and experimental filmmaking.

The BFA film production program is a shared program offered by the department of communication, media and film and the school of creative arts, which is recognized worldwide. 

Our website has a huge selection of amazing programs from schools in Canada, the US, Australia, the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

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