Government of Canada International Scholarships (ELAP | SEED)

Government of Canada International Scholarship

The government of Canada offers several scholarship programs to support candidates from abroad who wish to study, conduct research, or gain professional development in Canada on a short-term basis. These programs include:

Government Scholarships

Scholarship values vary depending on the duration and level of study. The table below summarises the scholarship values for the different programs:

Award AmountDurationLevel of StudyProgram
$15,900 CAD8 monthsUndergraduateSEED, Study in Canada Scholarships
$12,700 CAD5-6 monthsGraduateSEED, Study in Canada Scholarships
$11,100 CAD5-6 monthsGraduateELAP
$10,200 CAD4 months undergraduate undergraduateUndergraduate; GraduateSEED, Study in Canada Scholarships
$8,200 CAD4 months undergraduateUndergraduate; GraduateEL
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How to Apply

Early preparation for scholarship applications is encouraged. Note, however, that applicants should wait to begin until the scholarship application period begins. Eligibility requirements and required application documents may change each year.

The instructions below are ONLY for students who wish to conduct research. If you instead wish to register in courses as part of a study exchange, you’ll need to follow the instructions for students interested in a course-based exchange. Please note that we cannot accept applications for students wishing to conduct research and take courses; you must choose one or the other.

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